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Living in the Cooks

Working in the Cook Islands

Although we have only 12,000 people living in the Cook Islands, the average visitor arrivals for the last three years is 167,224.  Our country has two working sectors, Government and Private sector.  

  • The government sector -  a diverse range of departments  The majority of the outer islands also have government representatives and their own Councils living and working on the island.


  • Private sector – predominantly tourism, hospitality, retail, development and trade.


If you are looking to kick-start your career or gain further experience, the Cook Islands has many fabulous work, education and training opportunities on offer.


As a worker, you will be required to register with the Revenue Management Department (RMD) and pay tax and, upon successful application will be issued with an RMD number.  Check out

Your Employer will deduct superannuation from your pay and match the contribution.  Cook Island National Superannuation Fund membership over the age of 55 years’ is voluntary.  For more information, check out

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