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Speak up - See, say, do something

What is Speak-up?

Many Employees simply leave their jobs when they face an issue at work as they don’t know what to do, whom to talk to and maybe scared that their concerns will not be taken seriously by those that they approach.  Rather than staff taking this drastic step encouraging people to speak-up will reduce turnover, build confidence and trust in people.  Speaking up is telling someone you trust about something that concerns you, for instance:


  • A health, safety and wellbeing issue

  • A possible wrong-doing

  • The behaviour you see or decisions you are aware of that aren't in keeping with law or general human rights

  • Interaction with employer/employee.


Equally as important is for Employers to know what to do if people want to speak up and how they can help.  Applying speak-up principles at your organisation will show to your staff that it is committed to an open-door policy and will resolve issues in a fair, respectful and amicable way.

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