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Speak up - See, say, do something

Employee – How to Speak-Up

how do you speak up
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We know it takes courage to speak up when we see something that isn’t right.  As people we all have a responsibility to work with integrity and keep each other safe.  Part of this is speaking up.  If we see possible wrongdoing or have feedback, because we want to do the right thing by our people, our customers and the communities we serve.  When concerns are raised, the person we choose to confide in will take our concerns seriously and give or seek advice on the best action to take.

Principles that guide us

  • participate in creating an environment where it is safe to speak up

  • look after our health, safety and wellbeing, and ask for help when we need it.

  • stop work when that is necessary to prevent harm to ourselves and others.

  • do the right thing by our customers, our people and communities we serve.

  • When we want to give feedback or something that concerns us - we speak up: “see, say, do something”.

What is speaking up?

Speaking up is telling someone you trust, about something that concerns you.  You could be concerned about:

  • a health, safety and wellbeing issue

  • possible wrong-doing

  • behaviour you see or decisions you are aware of, that aren’t in keeping with Cook Island employment law or general human rights

  • interaction with employer / employee / colleague / customer

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Speak up steps


Step 1:   Get your facts together and do your research.  Check out Labour & Consumer website.

Step 2:  What does law and the organisation policies say?

Step 3:  If you are still unsure – seek advice, speak-up:


  • If you feel it is appropriate to raise your point with the person concerned, and you are comfortable doing so, talk to them directly.

  • If that is not the case, talk to your Manager as a starting point.


Step 4:  If that is not possible or if your concern is potentially serious,

there is a range of other ways to speak up:

  • Speak with a colleague

  • Speak with your manager

  • Speak to management or the business owner

  • Speak with a person you trust outside work


Step 5:  What does your Employment contract say?

Step 6:   If you cannot resolve at work, speak with our Labour & Consumer Services Team who can provide confidential employment advice and support.

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