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Employee Career Cycle

To make your organisation a great place to work, it is important to know about the minimum terms and conditions for decent and fair work.  For more information, check out the Labour & Consumer Services website. 


To apply best practice in your organisation and promote fair and decent work, there are some key documents and processes you should consider putting in place for your staff:

  • Code of Conduct – which provides clear boundaries of the standard of behaviour and conduct required to be a great employee at your organisation.

  • Health, safety and wellbeing – hazard register and reporting process to ensure that your staff are working in a safe and healthy environment.  Refer to the Workers Health & Safety section on our Labour & Consumer Services website, which gives details on the accident register.

Are you motivating your Employees to their full potential?

Employee Role Cycle.png

This career cycle shows keys steps to maximise an employee to their full potential in any role.  The Motivation checklist can assist throughout the employment period to ensure that the Employee is positively engaged and motivated.

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