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Business Meeting

Career development

Explore ways to drive your own career

Study and training – Internal and External


  • Explore what in-house training opportunities are there at work.

  • Explore what training and studying opportunity are there outside of work.

  • Talk to your Manager on how the business can support your training goals.


Performance Development


  • Set goals and targets with your Manager.

  • What internal and external training and/or study compliments those goals and targets.

  • Meet regularly with your Manager to review your performance to ensure you are on track.


Mentor – learn off the best around you!


  • Some businesses have in-house mentoring programmes.

  • If not, nothing is stopping you from identifying an experienced People Leader you respect and admire and asking them to be your mentor.

  • Meet with them regularly to reflect on your work and decision making processes you have followed.

  • Have them peer-review your work to give you pointers on how to improve.

  • Put your learnings into practice!


Leadership programmes


  • Large companies tend to have in-house leadership training programmes which are specific to their business.

  • There are also several leadership training programmes available in the Cook Islands through the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (CITTI).

  • As part of your development discussion with your Manager, look into those opportunities as part of your development plan.


Secondments - drive your own development


  • Put your hand up for involvement in team projects and assignments in areas you want to learn more about.

  • Look for opportunities to be seconded across departments or externally to other like organisations.

  • Taking part in secondments will broaden your experience, skill and knowledge and provides you with the opportunity to try out other roles you may have an interest in. 


Management material?


  • Want to be a manager? - talk to your Manager or supervisor about taking on a supervisory role. 

  • This could be in the form of mentoring junior employees or managing people on work experience. 

  • These experiences will put you in line to develop your career and become a manager.

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